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2024 FRC Season - Crescendo

The Challenge - Crescendo

The Challenge - Crescendo

Crescendo is the game for the 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition. The game is themed around music and concerts as part of the overall 2023-2024 FIRST in Show season. Gameplay mainly consists of robots scoring foam rings, called Notes, into goals on their end of the field. 

More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Our Robot - CHILLI

About the Robot:


  • Custom Made Swerve Drive Train.

  • Turret shooter to score to speaker.

  • Pneumatic controlled arm to score to the amp.

  • Pneumatic controlled elevator to score to the trap. 

  • Very spicy!

Competed in :

ISR District Event #2

  • Event Finalist

  • Industrial Design Award

ISR District Event #4

  • Event Finalist

  • Innovation in Control Award

FIRST Israel District Championship

  • Gracious Professionalism Award

Milstein Division

  • Innovation in Control Award

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