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FIRST (for inspiration and recognition of science and technology), is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers, in order to create the next generation of STEM leaders and inspire innovation, engineering, leadership, teamwork and technology skills among students through several mentor-lead research and robotics programs.


Ha-Dream Team #3075 has been making dreams come true ever since its foundation in 2009, in Hadarim high school from Hod Ha-Sharon, Israel.

Our 40-student team has had one continuous mission throughout the years - combining excellence in STEM together with excitement, devotion, and commitment to the FIRST message of making an impact on our community and on other FRC teams by spreading those values and the technological knowledge we’ve gathered throughout the years.

Alongside our young students, our team also consists of 15 mentors and alumni, most of which are former students in our team who decided to return after their graduation in order to pass forward their knowledge, train, guide and assist current team members.

This approach allows our team to accumulate and gain knowledge through multi-generational experience, to grow and develop independently in all fields-from designing and manufacturing one of the first swerve drives in Israel, designing every single aspect of our robots, to manufacturing most of our robots using our own 3d printers, lathe and CNC machines, and even developing our very own path finder for faster autonomous trajectories.

But our team goes above and beyond those technological advancements. We use our knowledge and self-taught skills in order to bring STEM and FIRST values and spirit to families, kids and adults all around our city, as well as to other FRC teams all around the globe.

15 years after we’ve built our first robot, members of HaDream Team #3075 are still striving to excellence and beyond by learning, improving, innovating, teaching, spreading the FIRST message and making dreams come true.

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