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Hio-Fuel Is Ha-Dream Team 3075’S Inner Competition.

Designed And Created By The Team Alumni And Members To Simulate A Competition Season And Train The Team Coping With Challenges.

The First Hio-Fuel Competition Was Played At FRC 2020 Preseason And Involved Stationery Robots. 

Usualy Hio-Fuel Is Played 1 V 1 And The Competing Teams Are The Juniors & Seniors Vs Sophomores & Mentors.

So Our Veteran Students Cope Without Their Mentors, And The New Students Get Additional Experience.

HIO FUEL CHALLENGE 5783 - Hiouidich

“Right, Now, Quidditch is easy enough to understand, even if it’s not too easy to play. There are seven players on each side. Three of them are called Chasers. The red balls are called quaffles, and the chasers catch and throw each other the Quaffles to bring the robot to shot in to the hoops. Ten points every time you Quaffle Passes through one of the hoops. Follow me?

“Now, there’s another player on each side who’s called the Keeper — I’m Keeper for Gryffindor 10th and seniors. My job is to move a shield between the hoops and prevent the opposing robot from scoring.

Now I'll show you what Bludgers do.

The blue balls are flying and trying to knock out players. This is why there are two Beaters in each team – their role is to control the robot, insert balls into it and direct the balls. A Bludgers hitting the shield will disable it.

The last group member is the seeker. This is the golden hio-snitch and it's the most important ball in the game. It is very hard to hit him because he is very fast and does not appear in every game. Your job as a seeker is to guide you The Keeper and must also be alert, avoid Bludgers and try to hit the snitch, because hitting the snitch Wins the team 150 points and ends the game"

Oliver Wood, sort of, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Game Manual And Rules Updates

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Tower Heist Is A Game For Two ROBOTS, Which Compete Building Towers Out Of PowerUp Crates Filled With Gold Fuel Balls

In This Challenge, Two Pirate Crews Will Simultaneously Raid A Captive Ship And Compete On Collecting Loot And Singling The Pirate’s Airship. The Goal Is Collecting More Gold Than The Other Team!

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Game Manual And Rules Updates

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