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2019 FRC Season - Destination: Deep Space

The Challenge - Destination: Deep Space

The Challenge - Destination: Deep Space

Destination: Deep Space is the game for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition. The game involves two alliances of three teams each competing to place hatch covers and rubber balls or “cargo” on rockets and cargo ships before returning to their hab platform to climb at the end of the match. 

More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Our Robot - PISHTO

About the Robot:


  • 2 Speed Custom Made West Coast Drive Train

  • 2 Stage Elevator

  • Floor Pickup for Hatch Panels and Cargo

  • Bidirectional Scoring Mechanism

  • Level 3 Climbimg Mechanism

  • Drone Balance Control During Climbing

  • He Will TeTeT You

Competed in :

ISR District Event #2

  • Event Winner

  • Quality Award

ISR District Event #3

  • Event Finalist

FIRST Israel District Championship

  • District Championship Winner

  • Quality Award

Daly Division

Israel Off-Season

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